Ajax TrueClient LoadRunner Tutorials

Ajax TrueClient LoadRunner Tutorial

Training Summary

Ajax TrueClient protocol in the loadrunner.  Ajax TrueClient protocol is mainly used to do the user side testing or the behavior of the browser side. So it is a heavy protocol due to which the number of load generator for the execution will be more compared to web scripts.


1. Tutorial  -> How to record Ajax TrueClient script in Loadrunner.

2. Tutorial -> How to add Parametrization in Ajax TrueClient script.

3. Tutorial -> How to Capture the values in Ajax TrueClient script.

4. Tutorial -> How to add Transactions in Ajax TrueClient Script.

5. Tutorial -> How to Call external C- Function in Ajax TrueClient Script.

6. Tutorial -> Adding VTS Functions to the Script.

7. Tutorial -> Different Vuser Function present in Ajax TrueClient Script.

8. Tutorial-> Interview Questions for Ajax TrueClient Script.

9. Tutorial-> Quiz related Ajax TrueClient Script.

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