Most Important Interview Questions

What is Performance Testing?

Performance Testing is a type of testing to ensure that the applications will behavior as expected with the workload on the customer application.

Why is Performance Testing is needed?

It is done to provide customer with the information about their application regarding response time, stability and capacity. More importantly, it is done to improve the application behavior before it goes into market.  It is important because, without it the application will suffer the issues such as:

  • Running slow if multiple users access the application simultaneously.
  • Inconsistencies across different operating systems and usability.
  • Capacity of the application.

What are the different type of Performance Testing?

Below are the list of different performance testing

  • Load Test
  • Endurance Test
  • Stress Test
  • Spike Test
  • Volume Test
  • Scalability Test

What are the process involved in Performance Testing?

There are five most important phases in performance testing process:-

  • Test Initial Phase
    • In test initial phase of the project we collect the requirement of the project such as use cases or the work flow of the system. Will discuss with business analyst team to understand the important flows of the system software.
  • Test Planning Phase
    • It is a most important phase in performance testing because in this phase we will plan how are we going to do performance testing. We will get to know the requirement of test data and the dependencies of the test data for each script.
  • Test Scripting Phase
    • In Scripting phase, the script are created using the tools available or agreed as per the planning phase. Most importantly all the use cases are scripted for the system as agreed with the business. The script catalog which will be created which contains the script flow for each of the use cases.Use cases are mapped with simple, moderate and complex.
  • Test Execution Phase
    • It is the most important phase of the performance testing because in this phase you will find the bottle neck of the system. This phase is where most of the recommendation and the system turning will done.
  • Test Reporting and Analysis Phase
    • This is the last phase of the process, once the test execution is completed. We will analysis the results collected from different tools used during the testing and share the test will the customer. We will analysis from each section of the system such as server side, client side, db side and web sever side. Because each section will give you details how the system is behavior and what is the utilization of resources.

What are the common issue found in performance testing?

Below are the list of common issue found in performance testing:-

  • Testing Environment
  • Wrong Use of the Test Data
  • Wrong Workload Modelling
  • Not Using the Best Scripting Practice
  • Response Time
  • Capacity
  • Reliability
  • CPU Utilization
  • Memory Utilization
  • Disk Utilization

List some of the basic monitoring which you do during performance test execution?

Some of the most important section we monitor during the test are:-

  • Response Time, How the application is behavior with the load on the application.
  • CPU Utilization, check how the cpu is getting utilization during the execution and also after the execution.
  • Memory Utilization, check the memory utilization during the execution and also see if there is any memory leak in the application.
  • DB Utilization, check if the db cpu is properly utilization and if all the sql are getting executed within the time.
  • Application sever, observe how the server are behavior during the execution.
  • Web server observer how the web server are reacting during the execution.
  • Disk Utilization check if the disk space is properly getting utilized.

What are the different performance testing tools?

Some of the most important performance testing tools are :-

  • LoadRunner(HP)
  • NeoLoad
  • Apache Jmeter
  • LoadUI Pro
  • StresStimulus
  • WebLOAD
  • Rational Performance Tester
  • Silk Performer
  • Load View
  • AppLoader

What are In-Scope and Out of Scope in performance testing?

Performance testing is always done for the positive scenarios.

  • In Scope : Only the positive scenario or the flow will be consider. And the most critical or the most used flow will be consider. The important flow will decided from the work load mode or by the business analyst for the new application.
  • Out of Scope : Negative scenario will not be consider and the non important flow. Not all the functional test cases will be consider for performance testing.