How to do parameterization in Ajax TrueClient Script?

Parametrization in Ajax TrueClient Script.

Adding Parametrization to the script in Ajax TrueClient Script.

Step 1 :

  • Launch the trueclient protocol in the Vugen.
  • And click on Develop script option in the script.
  • And record the flow , after that we can add the parameter for the script.

Ajax TrueClient Adding Transactions

Click Here to see how to record the script in Ajax TrueClient.

Step 2 :

  • Once you have recorded the flow completely. Then one can add the parameter to the scripts.
  • So select the step in the flow for which you want to add the parameter.
  • Click on the step. Then select click on Js option in the step.

Parameterization in Ajax TrueClient Script

Step 3 :

  • Select the word or the variable which you want to parameterize.
  • Right click on the word.
  • And select the Create a New Parameter from the selection.

Parameterization in Ajax TrueClient Script

Step 4 :

  • Enter Parameter window will be displayed.
  • Enter the Name of the parameter.
  • And then Click on OK Button.

Step 5 :

  • And so the Original value will be replaced with parameter.
  • And Click on OK button of the editor.
  • Function used for parameter is TC.Param("P_BaseURL");
  • Now the value in the Step will be replaced with parameter as shown below.

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