How to record Ajax TrueClient script in Load Runner?

Ajax TrueClient Scripting

TrueClient Protocol or TrueClient Scripting is getting more popularized in the recent times. It will give you the client side metrics like how long the page took to load the images. So customer are really intersected to know the time taken to render the application.  Therefore the TrueClient scripting or protocol is getting more important and popularized.

How to Record Ajax TrueClient Script in Load Runner

1: Launch  the Vugen Application.

2: Select a new script from the Vugen and then TrueClient - Web Protocol from the protocol windows as show below.

3: Once the TrueClient Script window is displayed. Navigate to Record -> Develop Script or Click on Develop Script from the shortcut displayed. Develop script mode will be launched. (Note : Recording, Adding Transactions and parameterization or any action on the script need to be done in Develop mode only. Therefore you cannot edit or do any change in the view mode in Ajax TrueClient). Develop mode consist of two panel,

  • First panel is TrueClient panel where you will be recording step of the user action and modification of script is done in this panel.
  • Second Panel which is a preview window, where application will be displayed and the action are performed. It is a same as the google browser where you can perform the actions.

4 : Click on record option from the TrueClient panel and paste the URL of the application in the browser(Second panel).

5 : After completing the recording of the user action. Stop button in the recording section should be clicked in the TrueClient Panel

6 : Run the script and validate the script if the script have successfully completed. Once running the script completed you will seen Replay Successful and importantly all the step will have tick mark beside it.


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