Spike Testing

Spike Testing

Spike testing is done to check if the application can handle, if there is any sudden spike of user on the application. And it will let the customer know if the system will crash or it will handle the spike with some  degradation on the application behavior.

Difference between Spike and stress testing?

Spike Test :

  • And Spike Test is done on the system to check the behavior of the application with sudden spike.
  • So if the load is spiked up sudden the application the behavior of the infrastructure can be tested.
  • And also the Spike Test will let the customer know how spike it can handle with the current infrastructure.
  • So this type of testing important to check negative scenarios on the application.

Stress Test :

  • Stress Test is used to test the breaking point of the application.
  • And also check how many concurrent Vuser can a application handle.
  • So large data will be loaded into the application.

Tools recommended for Spike Test in performance testing.

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