Stress Testing

Stress Testing

Stress test is one of the test done on the application to find the breaking point of the application. It will determine how much load the application can handle. How will the response time and resource behavior when the extreme load is applied on the system. Important it will give the customer the need confidence how much load the system can handle with existing resources.

Difference between stress and load testing?

Stress Test :

  • Stress Test is used to test the breaking point of the application.
  • And also check how many concurrent Vuser can a application handle.
  • So large data will be loaded into the application.

Load Testing :

  • And load Testing is to test the system behavior under normal workload conditions, and it is just testing or simulating with the actual workload.
  • So the load Testing will not be tested with loading of data into database.

Tools recommended for Stress Test in performance testing.