Record Web Services Script Using HTTP/HTML Protocol

You can use two different protocol to record the Web Service script in Load Runner. Below are the two protocol.

  • Web - HTTP/HTML  Protocol.

  • Web Services Protocol (Click on topic to know how to script using Web Service Protocol)

In this post we will know how to record the web service script using Web - HTTP/HTML protocol. We can use many input format to script the web service script such as XML, WSDL etc. Most used and important input format used for web service scripting is WSDL. So we will take the important input format used to script for the demo.

WSDL used for scripting in this post is :

Web Services HTTP/HTML - Scripting using Web - HTTP/HTML Protocol

Step 1 : Launch the Vugen application.

Step 2 : Select the Web - HTTP/HTML protocol from the Protocol section. Enter the script name and directory where the script need to be saved. Then click on create button.

Vugen Recording Window

Step 3 : Once the main explore is displayed. Then you need add the web custom request to your script by going to Design -> Insert  in Script -> New Step.  Steps Tool bar will displayed as shown the below image.

Step 4 : Search for web_custom_request in the steps tool bar and click on it. Most important window will be displayed therefore follow the below steps.

  • Enter the end point of the WSDL in the URL section of the window.  (Refer the step 5 to know the end point )
  • Paste the XML of the request in the body section of the window.
  • Then select the request(from top to bottom) in the body section and right click.
  • Select the Convert to C format from the menu of right click.
  • Once the conversation is completed then click on OK button.

Custom window

Step 5: If we not sure how to get the end point of the WSDL and the request then check below image.

  • Copy the WSDL and then open SOAP application. Click on empty soap project. Enter the WSDL in wsdl section and click ok.
  • WSDL will be loaded and all the request will be loaded.
  • Click on the request you want to script.
  • Endpoint will be loaded at the top and the below the request will be displayed.


Step 6: Web Service script will created. Later run the script and you will see the results in the output window. (If the result is not show in the output window then open the run time setting -> Log -> Enable logs -> check the Extended log boxes).


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